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4 Elements II

What is 4 Elements II?

4 Elements II is the second installment of the match-3 game, 4 Elements, developed by Playrix Entertainment. The player needs to free the four fairies of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

A spell has been cast over the kingdom of the fairies, and along with it, their magical powers were taken away from them. The Book of Elements provides balance to the kingdom, but dark magic distorted the book’s contents. The user has to set the fairies free and put the book in proper order once more to restore balance in the kingdom. Player needs to match at least three gems to open a path, and then match three or more stones to destroy other stones. Basically, the player needs to clear the map of any obstacles so that the fairies can be freed.

There are sixty-four matching levels in all, which the player needs to complete. There are also thirty-two bonus levels provided. Mini games are likewise integrated such as spotting the difference and a hidden objects game.

4 Elements II is designed for Windows operating systems; as well as Mac and iPad. Users can try the game for free, for up to one hour.

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