3ivx MPEG

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What is 3ivx MPEG?

The 3ivx MPEG is a video codec utility that enables users to create MPEG-4 compatible content streams. As an MPEG-4 toolkit which is an industry standard, it provides support for videos and audios on MPEG-4 data steam and on MP4 file format. It is developed by 3ivx Technologies, an Australia-based company that supports the Haiku operating system where a port of 3ivx MPEG is made available.

The design for the 3ivx MPEG works around providing a solution for lesser power use in embedded systems when processing the video files. The video codec offers filters and plugins so that the MPEG-4 stream of data can easily be worked on the Apple Quicktime, the AVI and the Microsoft ASF transports. Resulting products from the suite utilization include MP4 video streams and AAC audio streams.

The 3ivx MPEG provides encoders and decoders for Microsoft Windows OS, BeOS and Mac OS while the full software is available for Mac OS X and Windows OS, bundled along with the Flip Video camcorder series. For Quicktime users, the 3ivx MPEG is bundled with the Quicktime software copy and is encoded with the 3ivx Quicktime codec using the Apple MPEG-4 decoder.

The 3ivx MPEG is available for purchase aftera 30-day trial period.

Download 3ivx MPEG from the developer

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Download 3ivx MPEG (external link)


About file types supported by 3ivx MPEG

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012