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What is 3D-flipper?

3D-flipper may refer to a software program that enables the user to create 3D flipbooks or flip magazines out of their documents. In most cases, a program of this type is distributed as shareware although a free trial version may be made available to the user, for use within a limited time. Developers may also provide a standard and professional version of the software.

The program is generally designed to allow for the easy conversion of standard documents into 3D flipbooks. The user will import the files to the program’s user interface, and click Convert to instantly create the flipbook. On the other hand, the user is also provided with several editing options for customizing the 3D flipbooks.

They can create logos, input book information or description, add background and flipping sound effects, and also add copyright protection to prevent unauthorized duplication. In addition, the program may also provide options for adding media content, hyperlinks, buttons, and animation to the flipbooks. Pre-designed templates, animations and themes are likewise generally included in the program.

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