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What is 360?

360 is software that consists of several programs that function as safety utilities for the computer. The software suite is provided by Qihoo 360, a China-based software developing company.

The suite includes 360 Security Guards, 360 Safe Browser, 360 Anti-Virus, and 360 System First Aid Kit. 360 Security Guards provides the user with real-time protection to guard the system against potent viruses, including Trojans. It features a Trojan firewall to prevent all types of Trojans from entering the system; and Webshield, a real-time protection utility that is automatically activated when the user logs-on to the Internet. It can also prevent and remove malware infection.

360 Safe Browser is dedicated to protecting the system while the user is online. The software is also on the lookout for Trojans, as well as other forms of viruses that enter the system through the Internet, especially through the backdoor.

360 Anti-Virus is equipped with a special algorithm system that enables it to protect the system from all types of viruses, including newly-developed Trojans. This is a lightweight program that does not use up system resources.

The 360 System First Aid Kit functions as a repair utility for the system; where parts of it were damaged because of a virus infection. The program gets rid of the virus and goes on to restore the system to its original, clean state before the virus infection occurred.

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