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360 Browser

What is 360 Browser?

The 360 Browser comes from Chinese brand Qihoo and makes use of the same layout engine as Internet Explorer. Security is one of the key points of the program, as evidenced by its other name—the 360 Secure Browser.

As part of its feature list, the program has a built-in ad filter that will help users get through their daily online activities without having to slog through a slew of banners or popup ads. The browser also facilitates browsing security by using anti-phishing filters. It can also filter for malicious sites and perform downloaded file scans—this can help users avoid running malware that they may have downloaded without knowing it.

Like most other browsers today, the 360 Browser supports multi-tabbed browsing. More importantly, though, it gives users the ability to search or switch among only open tabs on a window by prefacing their queries with the “@” symbol in the address bar. It also sports a dual engine—which means it can leverage not only Trident but also Webkit technology—and is available in editions for various devices, including Android, the PC, and Mac.

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File types supported by 360 Browser

Our users primarily use 360 Browser to open these file types:

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