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What is 3 MobileBroadband?

The 3 MobileBroadband is a mobile broadband Internet service that allows users to enjoy instant and portable mobile broadband connection using a dongle that is connected to their PC or laptop. The dongle, a Huawei E367 contains the auto-install command for first time users as well as settings configuration and broadband Internet access. It is created by Huawei Technologies, leading mobile Internet service developer from China.

Users can avail of this instant mobile broadband service by choosing a variety of subscription packages. The most popular of these options is the monthly subscription data allowances ranging from 1 GB, 5GB and up to 15GB. A pre-included data plan version is also available, called the PAYG plan which works like a prepaid plan. Some mobile phone and mobile communications providers also offer bundled 3 MobileBroadband in their services that already includes the mobile device such as cellular phones or laptops.

Connection is fast and easy, taking advantage of Huawei Technologies' network coverage from its major investments in mobile communications infrastructure.

The 3 MobileBroadband uses the 3 brand of mobile Internet service, the brand that powers several mobile phone service providers and broadband Internet companies in several countries. It runs on the UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, a 3rd generation cellular technology for mobile devices using the GSM or Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications standard.

Download 3 MobileBroadband from the developer

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Last updated: : July 22, 2012