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2009 Lacerte Tax

What is 2009 Lacerte Tax?

2009 Lacerte Tax is accounting software released by Intuit. This is also one of the series of Lacerte Tax series published in 2009, hence the name. This version of the software also includes platform such as the Tax Organizer and the Tax Year 2010 Proforma in the bundle.
The latter is essential as you will need to automatically transfer all accounting documents for your 2009 clients to the program designed for 2010.

2009 Lacerte Tax has other features included in its package. With this version, you can have access to enhanced versions of e-files which includes documents particularly used for business states (e.g. New York Business e-file 1065 and the South Carolina business e-file 1120). This platform can also be programmed so you can access and view the amounts obtained from prior years. Among the data you can verify are employee business expenses, rental properties, and vehicle expenses.

The program lets you take part on a live community where, as a client, you can ask questions to other users and obtain answers in real-time without having to disrupt your work. When using this software, you may also receive automated alerts on critical information about accounting and taxes that can affect your work.

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File types supported by 2009 Lacerte Tax

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