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2007 Lacerte Tax

What is 2007 Lacerte Tax?

2007 Lacerte Tax is one of the software among the Lacerte Tax suite released by Intuit. Its main function is to help users prepare their tax declaration forms as well as to provide accounting assistance to businesses. The software can also be used by individuals who would like to keep track of their finances and taxes. A tutorial and Help documents are accessible on their website for downloading and for comparisons with other versions.

One of the common issues encountered by this version is that it is deemed slower than other versions in the Lacerte Tax series. Their official website has recommended the following actions when this happens. Users are advised to check their virus scanners as the data directories of the anti-virus software may be interfering with the program and the overall network performance.

2007 Lacerte Tax makes use of a server as a file server. It does not have an impact on other applications used by the user as it does not appear on a service server. Re-indexing databases is also possible with this particular program so as to avoid damages on the databases or DBF files.

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