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What is 1ClickDownloader?

The 1ClickDownloader application is a download manager and a download accelerator for Windows computers, and touts itself as the easiest, simplest download manager and accelerator that have ever been made. As with most standard features of modern download managers, it also offers you a bigger bandwidth, usually reserving a huge percentage (up to 90%) of your Internet connection, to a current download session. It also allows for the resumption of downloads due to broken connections, or to create a mirror for your downloads, or find one.

The most striking features of the 1ClickDownloader are its anonymity and zero configuration capabilities. With its anonymous downloading feature, you can download any file from the Internet with impunity, rendering tracking (if you are downloading counterfeit or pirated media) useless as it masks your Internet downloading activities. With its zero configuration method, the 1ClickDownloader allows the application to be set up and it will automatically adapt itself to the current network environment or setup of your computer. Its simplicity is also unmatched, and also supports torrent protocols, precluding the need for a separate torrent client to download torrents, and is tested to be smaller and faster than other comparable download managers in the market today. And most of all, the 1ClickDownloader is totally free.

Download 1ClickDownloader from the developer

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File types supported by 1ClickDownloader

Our users primarily use 1ClickDownloader to open these file types:

About file types supported by 1ClickDownloader

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012