How to open WPG files

Did your computer fail to open a WPG file? We explain what WPG files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your files.

What is a WPG file?

Files that contain the .wpg file extension are normally associated with the Corel WordPerfect word processing application. Initially developed by a BYU graduate student, the WordPerfect program was eventually acquired by Corel. Similar to Microsoft's Word, Corel WordPerfect is a word processing application. However, unlike Word, the software is not available as a standalone product and is only available when purchased with the entire WordPerfect office suite.

WPG files are graphic files that are used by the WordPerfect program. These files can contain up to 256 colors and support both vector and bitmap images.

The WildTangent software application also uses the .wpg file suffix. These WPG files contain the PNG files that are used by the WildTangent application.

Software that will open, convert or fix WPG files

These apps are known to open certain types of WPG files. Since many different programs may use WPG files for different purposes, you may need to try a few of the apps to open your specific WPG file.

Corel Graphics ApplicationsCorel Graphics ApplicationsUser submitted
PresentationsPresentationsUser submitted
Paint Shop ProPaint Shop ProUser submitted
Corel PresentationsCorel PresentationsUser submitted
CorelDRAWCorelDRAWUser submitted
Microsoft Picture ItMicrosoft Picture ItUser submitted
Corel PaintShop ProCorel PaintShop ProUser submitted
Zoner Photo StudioZoner Photo StudioUser submitted
Nero Photosnap ViewerNero Photosnap ViewerUser submitted
Microsoft Windows NT Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows NT Operating SystemUser submitted
We have not verified any programs that we know for certain can work with WPG-files on Mac. If you know one, please use the Suggest link below and tell us about it!
We have not verified any online services that we know for certain can work with WPG-files. If you know one, please use the Suggest link below and tell us about it!